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A Philosophy of Empowerment

by G.E. Nordell

            If climate change (global warming, drought, coastal flooding, et al) doesn't wipe out human civilization here on Planet Earth, then Mankind's collective willful ignorance and superstition and epidemic irresponsibility is perfectly capable of achieving that result.

            The clock is ticking in the background, nearer and nearer to an existential Midnight. Without widespread intervention at all levels – from personal to societal to ecological – the species home sapiens will be extinct in thirty years.

            Such activist intervention begins with each and every individual who is reading this webpage. Only a paradigm shift, a new context to be applied to every aspect of our individual and collective lives will solve any of Mankind's many practical problems.

            The Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment is an intentional intervention in the 'business as usual', 'I don't make a difference', 'let somebody else do something' mindset that is the cause of cultural entropy and decay.

            You can sit back and watch the growing global failures and ignore the effect that is already threatening your children and grandchildren. Ignorance is the status quo.

            OR: You can look here for some means (there are many), some direction to take, some new skill to acquire in order to participate in Mankind's Final Adventure.

            Can Mankind prevent its self-destruction? If you say 'no', then that may very well be the result. Perhaps a few will learn here how to save themselves and their loved ones, while the ignorant sheeple stampede toward mass destruction. Developing a Working Mind might save Civilization, or just a small portion that includes you. The empowering practices detailed here will benefit any and all who practice them, while Civilization continues to thrive or stumble along – or until Civilization collapses anyway.

            This is the moment of Choice: You move forward, join the parade, roll up your proverbial sleeves and get to work OR you try to avoid and then fend off the next Bad News that most certainly awaits you.

            It is really quite simple:

"Reason is the only frontier left."

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